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How to Turn Off Extended Tracking During Runtime (Not in Inspector)?

How do I turn off all extended tracking during runtime?

It seems that it turns of all the extended tracking for everything that is not in the string array.

void GetTargetInfo(ImageTarget targetInfo)
        _imageTrackable.ExtendedTracking = false;
        _imageTrackable.TargetsForExtendedTracking[0] = targetInfo.Name;



Did you work with the StopExtendedTracking method of the ImageTracker? You can find details on this and other classes / methods here.

Thx and greetings


Yes, so the solution is this:


_imageTrackable.TargetsForExtendedTracking[0] = "?";
_imageTrackable.ExtendedTracking = false;

Then run:

public void GetTargetOnLost(ImageTarget targetInfo)

The StopExtendedTracking really just resets the extended tracking doesn't stop it.


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