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How to Turn Off Extended Tracking During Runtime (Not in Inspector)?

How do I turn off all extended tracking during runtime?

It seems that it turns of all the extended tracking for everything that is not in the string array.

void GetTargetInfo(ImageTarget targetInfo)
        _imageTrackable.ExtendedTracking = false;
        _imageTrackable.TargetsForExtendedTracking[0] = targetInfo.Name;


Yes, so the solution is this:


_imageTrackable.TargetsForExtendedTracking[0] = "?";
_imageTrackable.ExtendedTracking = false;

Then run:

public void GetTargetOnLost(ImageTarget targetInfo)

The StopExtendedTracking really just resets the extended tracking doesn't stop it.



Did you work with the StopExtendedTracking method of the ImageTracker? You can find details on this and other classes / methods here.

Thx and greetings


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