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Cannot scale up 3d model


I'm using Wikitude JS SDK in Android. I have issues with scaling down the 3D models now. In my testing, I can scale down the earth model from SDK samples. But I cannot scale up the model I have.

Here's the code and model I'm using

new AR.Model(region.arAssetUri, {
onError: World.onError,
scale: {
x: 3.0,
y: 3.0,
z: 3.0,
onClick: onClick,

Hi Jack,

Everything seems to be fine with the piece of code you sent to us. I also tried to change the scale of our current 3D model examples and everything is working as expected, so I would require i bit more of information: May i ask which Wikitude JS SDK version are you using? Any console error that you can share?

Thank you,


Hi, Aitor,

I’m using the latest Wikitude Android SDK (js version) which is 8.6.0. Yes, the scale works well for the earth model inside the sample but it’s not working for the model I uploaded. Is there any limitation for the model?



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