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Upgrading Wikitude cordova plugin to 7.2.0


I was using the Wikitude Cordova plugin version 5.3.1 and wanted to upgrade it to 7.2.0. The license key which I have for 5.3.1 is not working with 7.2.0 and the watermark on screen says "License Key Missing". 

I tried to run the application with the new trial key and the application work as expected. 

Is there any requirement to obtain a new key for 7.2.0?

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If you have a license key for SDK 5.3.1 and don't have a running subscription, which entitles you to free upgrades to newer SDK version, you'd need to purchase an upgrade for the SDK. Please reach out to sales [at] and explain that you wish to purchase an upgrade for the SDK (for this we currently offer a discount of the products that you can find in the store.)



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