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Unity - iOS App launched failed/crashes

Unity version - 2018.4.4f1

xcode - 10.2.1

sdk - 8.6

Followed every step in the documentation. Unity and xcode builds were succeeded. But app crashes in device and app freeze in the simulator. (ios v12.2). And  I m having this error with simulator

dyld: Symbol not found: _WTUnityBindings_InitializeCSharpFunctions

  Referenced from: /Users/user/Library/Developer/CoreSimulator/Devices/D2AA87AB-C89D-46C3-9ABE-85C6CAA58765/data/Containers/Bundle/Application/9C3CA6AB-5B19-4235-AB29-16C99ECCB421/

  Expected in: flat namespace

And there were two wikitudesdk.frameworks in the linked frameworks and libraries. Only using instant tracker saving and loading. Android version was a success. 

And I tried the example project as well. But still getting same issue. By the way example project was implemented by using unity 2017.4.23. But I used 2018.4.4. and didn't change any settings.  

This occurred only for scenes with wikitude camera or functions related to that. 

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Do you also have the libUnityiOSBridge.a library in Linked Frameworks and Libraries? This should have been automatically added by Unity when exporting the project, but maybe it's missing for you.

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