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How to work wikitude project with cordova android project?

Hi, I'am use to cordova "9.0.0" and anroid "8.0.0". I downloaded the wikitude sdk version "8.6.0-3.6.0".  Your sample project does not work, because versions do not fit? And I made a design with wikitude Studio-Editor. I wanted to read this by pressing the "launch" button in the sample project. But he didn't read it. Consol gives the  error:

"index.js:50 Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property 'applicationDirectory' of undefined at Object.continueLoadingExampleARchitectWorld".

Can you help me please?


I just tried the SDK 8.6 Cordova sample app on a Galaxy S7 and followed these steps:

- created a Studio Editor project

- opened the Cordova sample app

- in the 'Enter World Url' I entered the url to the project from the Studio project (which references the index.html file of the project)

- clicked launch and the AR experierence opened without any issues in the sample app

Did you do the steps as mentioned above? If not please provide exact steps to reproduce the issue with the unchanged SDK sample app.

Thx and greetings



Thank you Nicola. I made a mistake with url. I entered the path of any application file in the world file and gave the "index.html"

I gave "path" as below and it worked. Thank you..



     loadCustomARchitectWorldFromURL: function(url) {
        var customArchitectWorld = {
            "path": "www/world/01_ImageTracking_1_ImageOnTarget/index.html",
            "requiredFeatures": [
            "startupConfiguration": {
                "camera_position": "back"




Thx for the update and great that it works.



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