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Are we able to detect when a video has finished playing?

I'm looking to move to another screen when a AR launched video has finished playing. Is there a way we can do this in the iOS Javascript SDK?

The way below worked in the end. Thanks for the help!

var convertPrivateAugmentationVideo = function (video, signal) {

            var onFinishedPlayingFn = function () {

              // My code here 


            var options = generateDrawable2DOptions(video);

            options.isTransparent = == "overlayAlpha";

            options.onFinishedPlaying = onFinishedPlayingFn;



Good morning Morgan,

that should certainly work. Would you mind trying to set the callback property when initializing the VideoDrawable instead?

var videoDrawable = new AR.VideoDrawable(..., {


    onFinishedPlaying: function() {

        // your code here



- Daniel

Thanks Daniel, good to know. Where would I specify the code to run? I've tried the following in the template.js file within  var convertPrivateAugmentationVideo and it causes the video to not play.       

videoDrawable.onFinishedPlaying = function () {

var = "do all this";


Good morning James,

we offer the onFinishedPlaying event for that. You should get notified via this callback when an AR.VideoDrawable finishes playing, hence the name.

- Daniel

Any ideas on this one?

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