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Are we able to detect when a video has finished playing?

I'm looking to move to another screen when a AR launched video has finished playing. Is there a way we can do this in the iOS Javascript SDK?

Any ideas on this one?

Good morning James,

we offer the onFinishedPlaying event for that. You should get notified via this callback when an AR.VideoDrawable finishes playing, hence the name.

- Daniel

Thanks Daniel, good to know. Where would I specify the code to run? I've tried the following in the template.js file within  var convertPrivateAugmentationVideo and it causes the video to not play.       

videoDrawable.onFinishedPlaying = function () {

var = "do all this";


Good morning Morgan,

that should certainly work. Would you mind trying to set the callback property when initializing the VideoDrawable instead?

var videoDrawable = new AR.VideoDrawable(..., {


    onFinishedPlaying: function() {

        // your code here



- Daniel

The way below worked in the end. Thanks for the help!

var convertPrivateAugmentationVideo = function (video, signal) {

            var onFinishedPlayingFn = function () {

              // My code here 


            var options = generateDrawable2DOptions(video);

            options.isTransparent = == "overlayAlpha";

            options.onFinishedPlaying = onFinishedPlayingFn;



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