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POI samples do not work through the wikitude app


I've been using the wikitude app to test the examples and also test some of my projects, recently I started working with the POI functionality but none of the examples seem to work when I try them through the wikitude app.

Thank you,


Hi Viktor,

We don't plan to include geoAR support in the Wikitude app again at this point.

Thx and greetings


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First of all thanks for the quick response and will certainly continue working with the Wikitude SDK, Secondly I found it easier and faster to test examples and my own apps on the Wikitude app and it sort off became my preferred method, will the support for GeoAR content ever return or is it gone for good?




The Wikitude app is not supporting GeoAR content anymore. If you wish to test your GeoAR experiences, you can do this via the SDK sample app, that comes together with the SDK download package. Best is to also check the technical documentation with it.

I hope this helps. Greetings


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