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I am getting error on Instant tracking sample plane detection


I am trying to use Instant Tracking - Plane Detection sample with InputPlugin option. My scenario is feed Wikitude camera by stream and detect plane on it. I am using CustomCameraRenderer.cs with wikitude camera with using ScanEffectMaterial materail. I am getting stream video on screen. When try to plan detection initialize command getting error in Update() like below messages many times.

Do you have any solution for this? I am using Android device.

Thank you

2019-06-28 14:38:56.162 12161-12181/? E/Unity: NullReferenceException: Object reference not set to an instance of an object
      at Wikitude.InstantTracker.PlanesChanged (System.Collections.Generic.HashSet`1[T] currentPlanes) [0x001a3] in <1944fb54f595401bbff28597e5526603>:0
      at Wikitude.TrackerManager.UpdatePlanes () [0x00189] in <1944fb54f595401bbff28597e5526603>:0
      at Wikitude.WikitudeBridge.InternalUpdate () [0x0003b] in <1944fb54f595401bbff28597e5526603>:0
      at Wikitude.WikitudeCamera.Update () [0x00053] in <1944fb54f595401bbff28597e5526603>:0

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Thank you for reporting this error. Is there a way to reproduce this error using our sample project? If not, could you please send us your project, so that we can reproduce it internally?

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