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AR SDK for Hololens no augments in sample


I've gotten the wikitude hololens sample app to run on my hololens 1 device but between simple image tracking and object tracking (the only 2 Im testing with), neither of them augment anything or the camera isnt scanning. Ive built on 2018 and 2019 versions of Unity. I followed the doc as best as possible. Please help.

Hello Adam,

Can you check you entered correctly the license key in the WikitudeCamera object in the samples.
If there's a problem with the license, you can also check the output logs in Visual Studio, looking for `Tracker Initialization Error`


Adam asked the following after Thibaults answer:

Thanks, that fixed it but follow up question…

How do you properly scale and align the object you want to track? My uploaded target images create the point cloud and its off center and when I test against an image of the object it tracks it but at the wrong scale and position. And since I cant adjust it in Unity at runtime what can I do to increase the accuracy



Information about real world scale can be found here:

Modifying the point cloud can be done in Studio by selecting the Point Cloud in the lower right corner and the pressing the Edit button.

Thibault & Alexandru

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