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App Crashes When Switched From Trial License Key To Startup License Key



I recently built an app using the Trial License Key. Now that I am ready to go to production I have been granted a Startup License Key. The app works perfectly on both iOS and Android using the Trial license Key. However, when I switch to the Startup Key the app crashes when I attempt to use SMART Instant Tracking on a phone that has platform assisted (ARCore) supported. I am unable to get any logs because it kicks me out so fast. Everything works with the trial key is the key to this. Everything works with a phone that does not detect support to ARKit/ARCore is the other key.


Here are the details:


Using the trial key my app functions without any crashes. Once I switch to the license key that was generated for me the app crashes once I attempt to use SMART enabled InstantTracking. I believe there is an issue with the license key for the following reasons:


On my iOS device everything continues to work as expected. I believe this is because:

1) My iOS device is an iPhone5s and it never detects the AR Kit so does not use the SMART platform assisted system as far as I have been able to tell.


On my Android device:

1) Using my trial license key everything works perfectly

2) When I add in the key I generated for the startup license you granted me the world loads and I can do GeoObjects

3) When I attempt to initialize InstantTracking functions (that work fine with the trial key) the whole app immediately closes

4) I have the Wikitude key placed in Wikitude.js and when I load the world.

5) I have ar.core as optional in my AndroidManifest.xml and I also have inside arworldtour-build-extras gradle the dependency upon ARCore:

dependencies {

compile (name: 'wikitudesdk', ext:'aar')

compile ''


6) I have Wikitude SDK 8.5 installed ("version": "8.5.0"). I am using the Cordova plugin. On old key it works, on new key it crashes.

7) My Android device is a Google Pixel 3a and it always detects the AR Core assisted (SMART) platform assisted tracking system.


Given that it all works on the trial key on both platforms, only crashes using the new license key and kicks me out the app immediately when I attempt to use platform assisted SMART InstantTracking which is only present on my Android, and this says I should be able to use the SMART system (AR Core assisted): - I believe there is an issue with my license key for the StartupSDK? Or perhaps a discrepancy somewhere with the Wikitude version and what my license says I can use for a version? Either way an issue with the newly generated key and what I use in my app.


The first functions that get called when I initialize is:; = this.instantTrackCheck;

Where instantTrackCheck is the functionality straight from your docs.


This leads me to believe that the key that was generated for me is causing the app to crash when it is detecting the SMART platform assisted tracking, detecting ARCore, on my Android device.


Do you have any idea why this is occurring? If you provide me with an email address I can send you the .apk file?


Thank you,



Thanks for your reply.I need the custom package that you mentioned,please send it to my email,thanks again.

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