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With wikitude SDK Can't upload app in appstore ?

Dear Wikitude,

We added purchased licence. Still facing issue 

I am using wikitude sdk for mobile banking. Normal build and run works. But when I archive and try to upload into itune, following error happens. I guess I should somehow exclude the intel build of wikitude sdk from xcode project.

Note: While i am doing archive  automatically deleting those tow .sh files from Wikitude SDK Framework. (,


Please we need fix this asap. Please help to resolve this issue. today we are go live.

Same issue.  Got someone earlier.

We followed same steps from this documetnation section:


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As you mention 'following error happens' could you please share the exact error message? As the other forum thread and the link to the documentation deals with Unity, could you also please confirm that you're working with Unity?

Thx and greetings


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