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Android Native SDK- Cube is not scaling to object

I have been trying to apply the sample app to my own target. The recognition and tracking works fine, but there is an issue in the rendering. When the orange cube attempts to render around my object, and target.getTargetScale is called, the method returns 200.0 for each component, even though the target is very well defined. What is the reason for this/where the does the getTargetScale method get its information? I have uploaded the code, and a picture of the point cloud for my object. 



Could you please provide details on which SDK version you're using? Is the same value also returned when you try with the SDK sample app?

Thx and greetings



I'm using SDK version 8.5, and the same value is not returned when I use the sample app. In that case, the correct values (less than one for each component, and the values are different) are returned.

Thank you for your time.

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