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Extended Image Tracking with multiple Targets

Is it possible to do extended image tracking with multiple image markers to form one scene?

The critical point here is that not all markers will be visible the whole time. So it is important that depending on the recognized tag, the extended tracking is updated correctly.

The visualization should then be placed in the correct position, depending on the marker has the highest quality at the moment.

The markers will be placed at known positions.

Hi Alexander,

Does this forum post provide the details you need:

Thx and greetings


Hi Nicola,

The application shall be used on the machine bed of such a machine to place the suction cups.

The machine is pretty big (4x2m) and so it will not be possible that the whole area is visible all the time. However, it should be possible to place multiple tags on the surface of the machine bed.

Therefore, it would optimal to switch between targets for higher precision when using extended image tracking.

Any other ideas on how to implement such an application using Wikitude?



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