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'App ID Mismatch' Watermark After App Resigning

We created an iOS app (via Unity) for a client and are having it submitted through their Apple Developer account as per Apples TOS. We bought a PRO license and had it registered to the correct BundleID. 

Testing the application on our end, the app works as intended and there is no watermark. We then generate an IPA file and submit it to our clients IT team so it can be resigned and submitted to the Apple store via their account. After the IT team resigns the app with their Signing Certificate and Provisioning Profile (keeping the BundleID the same), it is rejected by apple for having the 'App ID Mismatch' watermark. 

I had the client send me back their resigned IPA file and can confirm that the BundleID is the same in the Info.plist file of the application. I am unable to get a console log from the resigned app as it is signed for AppStore distribution and can not be built to a device. 

Where is the Wikitude SDK comparing the license to the BundleID of the app? Is there any insight as to why this watermark appears even thought the BundleID is the same? 

After diffing the two IPA files in FileMerge, I can see that the resigning made changes to these files:

    - Info.plist

    - _CodeSignature > CodeResources

    - embedded.mobileprovision

    - Frameworks > WikitudeSDK.framework > _CodeSignature > CodeResources

    - Frameworks > WikitudeSDK.framework > WikitudeSDK

Wikitude 8.1

Unity 2018.2

XCode 10.2.1

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 I'm having the same problem

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