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Android Device Not Responding


I've been trying to upload my Unity scene to my android device - the Google Pixel. I keep encountering an error stating that my device is not responding, and to "Make sure USB debugging has been enabled and that the device has authorized this computer..." and so forth.

I have already installed Android Build Support, as well as the Android SDK and NDK tools. Furthermore, I have also enabled USB debugging on my device. I have also completed all the steps detailed in this post: .

I'm not sure what else to try and do to make this work. I would appreciate any guidance on this issue.

Thank you so much in advance!

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Here is some more documentation on how to get Unity to run on Android:

If this still doesn't help, you could try asking on the Unity or Android forums, since this doesn't seem to be related to Wikitude and they might have better advice on what else to try.

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