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Showing AR object in a specific position indoors using x-y-z co-ordinates


We have an indoor position system which uses standard 3D-dimension coordinates (x, y, z). Is it possible to show an AR object in a specific position in that coordinate? 

I checked the documentation and maybe we can use RelativePosition to show an AR asset but I think we need to do some development in order to show it in the correct place when user moves. 

Is there a feature complete API for indoor use case?

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Hi Sam,

The `RelativeLocation` object is intended to be used in combination with our geo AR functionality, I don't believe that is what you want for indoor positioning.

I'm a bit confused what you intend to use our SDK for if you already have indoor positioning in place. Generally speaking, we don't offer a complete indoor positioning solution. Our SDK enables you to recognise and track images, objects and environments. I'd recommend looking at our instant tracking feature and checking whether that can fulfil your needs. It would enable you to place augmentations in a small scale environment dynamically. Alternatively, you may try using object tracking to recognise and track your indoor environment. However, these would merely be building blocks. We, as I've said, don't offer a fully integrated indoor positioning solution.

The relevant documentation pages can be found here and here.

- Daniel

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