Now available! Wikitude AR SDK for HoloLens

Wikitude has optimized its AR SDK to support Microsoft HoloLens, allowing developers to attach valuable augmented reality functionality to images, objects, barcodes, and QR codes to create efficient hands-free workforce solutions. 

Work with the Wikitude SDK to expand the capability of the HoloLens device, enabling:

  • Image/Multiple Image Recognition
     Attach digital content to images and any trackable 2D surface

  • Object Recognition
     Attach digital content to physical Objects

  • Cloud Recognition
     Fast, scalable and reliable online recognition solution for big projects

  • Plugins API (Barcode and QR code samples)
    Attach digital content to basically anything with personalized targets

Free Release Candidate Trial: Download the Wikitude AR SDK for HoloLens

Access the HoloLens product page to learn more.

Tried to test the Free Release Candidate Trial on our Hololens and had problems in getting it run.
It compiles, it starts, but when I want to try out a tracking modality (e.g. simple Image) there simply does not follow any action when I scan the corresponding image.

looking at the output from Visual Studio, when I start the project from there, it shows an error (exception):
Exception thrown at 0x77342DC2 (KernelBase.dll) in Unity HoloLens Examples.exe: WinRT originate error - 0xC00DABE0 : 'No capture devices are available.'.

I am using:
- Unity 2018.4.2f1
- Visual Studio 2017 (15.09.15)
- Wikitude Hololens Example (8.9.0)
- All unity settings are as described as in your tutorial (this includes permission for webcam,microphone and internetclient)

Any idea what I am doing wrong?


I'm sorry to hear that you're having issues with the samples. Here are a few things you could try:

Is the HoloLens device connected to the internet? 

Is the white light indicating that the camera is working turned on when you're in one of the samples? 

Is the package name and license key set correctly for the sample you are testing?

Regarding the logs, could you please make sure that Debug.Logs from Unity are enabled? In case something goes wrong, they should print our the error code and message.

Best regards,


thanks for the repsonse.
- yes, hololens is connected to internet
- yes, white light is showing up (when I try out the Simple Image Tracking Demo from the "Unity HoloLens Examples")

- package name is the default one from your "Unity HoloLens Examples", did not touch this.

- did not change or set a license key, since I am only trying out your "Unity Hololens Example" as I want to see if it works before setting up something own.

If I need to specify a license key where can I find it or do I have to set up an individual one for your Examples as well?
And would I need to set the license key on every "Wikitude Camera" script or is one enough?


A trial license key is required for the example project as well. Please add it to one of Wikitude Camera scripts for now. In general, it needs to be added to all of them, but for now one should be enough to verify that this is indeed the issue. I would recommend starting with the simple image tracking samples.

It is also possible to set the license key through a script, as long as this is done before the SDK is initialised (this happens during the Start method of the Wikitude Camera).

Best regards,



Really facing was the same issue. After reading all of this comment.

My problem has been resolved.

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