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Long for the improvment of rendering

We have being using Wikitude for 4 years. Really nice SDK.

 Thing is, we do look forward for the hdr map environment, reflection channel, normal channel...being available in wikitude rendering engine.

Actually,I have to say the rendering part in wikitude stand still for pretty long time. Come on, keep on moving^_^

 ARkit3, reality kit, reality composer,at least the demo looks pretty good.

 As for wikitude,is there any improvment of rendering might be available in next version? 

Hope for your reply.

Grateful thanks~

No answer !_!

Sigh~we are gonna try google filament. PBR engine is really hard to make?


Thanks for your post - we appreciate the candid feedback and your long time loyalty with the Wikitude SDK. We know that rendering is an essential part of mixed reality experiences and are working to improve our products in many fields - rendering being one of them. Google Filament is a great alternative and can be combined with the Wikitude Native API for developers familiar with in this field.

We don't talk about detailed roadmap items on the forum, as things keep changing often and we would raise expectations that we can't keep. As mentioned above - rendering is a topic we are actively looking into.

All the best for your projects.

Thanks a lot for your reply~ We will stick on wikitude with confidence. ^_^

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