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AR.platform.sendJSONObject problem in IOS


We are developing an AR app using Ionic and your Cordova SDK. We seem to have a problem when try sending to the Ionic platform data. The error that is been logged is: 


Invalid callback id received by sendPluginResult

  We are using the Wikitude SDK 8.3. We know that Ionic is not officially supported by you but any input will be helpfull.

Thanks in advance

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To bridge between the Wikitude Cordova plugin code and the Cordova app code, we keep the a callback id in the Wikitude Cordova plugin. Based on the error message and out of my head I could imagine that the callback in the Cordova app code is not available anymore when the Wikitude Architect World is calling `AR.platform.sendJSONObject` and the Wikitude Cordova plugin tries to call the Cordova app callback.

You could verify that your Cordova app code callback function is valid at all times.

Best regards,

Andreas Schacherbauer

PS: you can replace `Cordova app code` with `Ionic app code` and everything should still be true.

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