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How to load POI data as GeoJson data from GeoServer

Hi everyone,

I want to receive POI data from geoserver. I'm new wikitude and geoserver. My data in geoserver as shapefile and because of that i can't display the data as geojson. How can i receive the POI's from geoserver?  Can anybody help, please?

Hi Irem,

Since you are new here, I would suggest that the best way for you to get started is by going through our documentation. You will be able to find there are the relevant information you are looking for. For example, if you browse here then you can see how to retrieve data from a webservice.



Hi, i looked into the documantion. The using server link is . Geoserver has not a link with similar content. GeoJson data is shown  in .shp file with a geometry type  of linestring, point, polygon. So, i wonder that, can i use wikitude with geoserver for GEO AR apps? 




As stated in the documentation, you can use Wikitude SDK and the Geo feature to retrieve POI data:

  • from application model
  • from a local resource (like a .json file)
  • from a webservice



Hi Eva,

I know these topics and studied them. Actualluy, "from application model" subject is not clear enough in my opinion, i don't understand from the code on samples. Is database connection create in java codes with file. Bu this file is not exists. Where is it exactly? In addition Geoserver is not a webservice, it is a server and save the data as a.shp file, not like in . Do you have any knowledge abput this? Can i convert .shp file to json with wikitude or javascript in project codes?

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