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Warning: Interlace Handing Should Be Turned On When Using png_read_image

How and where do we resolve this issue when using a png in an fbx file that we are converting to wt3? Do we resolve it in Maya, Photoshop, Wikitude?

See attached picture for reference on the warning.

Thank you,


Hi Eric,

Could you please report if you are getting any error here?



Well it's saying a warning that is in the photo I attached. So it's loading it but when I import the fbx it is saying that warning in the log. I don't see anything erroneous as far as the look of the model on my device but I don't want other devices to show the error if it is something that would cause it. What is the suggested method to fix the warning in the photo?

Good morning Eric,

this seems to be a bug in the libpng version we are using. It has already been fixed and will simply disappear when we next update to the most current version. If you want the warning message to disappear, my understanding is, that you will have to re-export or convert your png to not be interlaced. How to achieve this depends on the software you are using.

- Daniel

Thank you. If it helps we did change the interlacing to both no interlaced and interlaced and it still showed.

It does not create any error with the model so far so I am fine with it being there.

Thank you!

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