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display label and object in the same scene

In my project. I want to display an object (.wt3) with a label (background + text)that give some information about this object. 

when I run my App. I see my object  after scanning the target, but I don't see the label. (picture 1)

when I rotate the target 180 degrees I can see the label but the text  is inverted. (picture 2)

when I try with an wikitude sample object, it WORKS !!! 

I think that the problem is in my object because I don't add a light to scene. I try to add a light but I don't find the parameters (falloff) that I should changed (in Ambient Light in Blender)  (picture 3)

If you think this is the  problem please let me now how to add lihght to my scene. otherwise what is the real problem?

NB: I use the sample example in world folder " 02_AdvancedImageTracking_3_ExtendedTracking " and I change the target and the model.




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