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Trackable disabling on start-up

Hi there!

When creating a minimal setup with a WikitudeCamera and and Image Tracker, the Trackable child of the tracker gets disabled as soon as I start my game.

Unity 2018.4 LTS && 2019.1.3


Windows 10

Android && PC Build

Trying both a trial and my Holistic3D keys.

Strange thing is that this worked when I followed the Holistic3D tutorial on udemy.

Console is showing no errors at all.


It works on my phone though, but not for my Logitech C920 camera on my PC. Camera runs but my markers are not recognized (of course, because the Trackable is disabled...) Enabling the Trackable while the app runs doesn't help. It stays enabled but does not recognize my markers.

So I've looked further into this. Wikitude is really behaving strangely. This is what happens:

When I start my minimal setup with my cam connected

1) the Image Tracker changes the Target Collection to (no matter what I've chosen before, e.g. 

2) the Trackable gets disabled

When I uncheck "Auto Toggle Visibility", the Trackable stays enabled, but the Image Tracker still changes the Target Collection to

In no cases am I able to successfully track any markers. I just get the camera feed and that's it.

What's going on here, has this happened to anyone else yet?


The trackable is supposed to disable itself when none of its targets are in view. This shouldn't affect the trackers ability to recognize new images. As you've seen, the "Auto Toggle Visibility" disables this behavior.

The second issue, where the Image Tracker changes to is indeed a UI bug, bug should not affect tracking. Hopefully this issue will be fixed in the next release.

The issue is might be related to licensing. Please make sure to switch the platform to either iOS, Android or UWP and that your bundle identifier matches your license key. You can check the OnInitializationError callback on the Image Tracker for any potential errors.

Best regards,


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Awesome thanks. Everything working actually. I don't know why I wasn't getting any results anymore. Maybe I was just too obsessed with that enabling/disabling of the trackable... ;)


Great to hear that everything is working now. Please let us know if any other issues come up.

Best regards,


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