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Direction indicator in a fix position


I'm working on an application and trying to figure out how can I show a direction indicator in a fixed position. I want basically the same behavior like the built in indicator, but in the middle of the scrren. Could you help me how can I achive this?


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Although there is no in-built component in place, you may create it by your own. From my understanding all you need is a direction indicator that makes use of the GPS data and the compass to render the direction one has to point at. There are plenty of approaches available, e.g. on stackoverflow. Please note that you have to create the component by hand either in HTML environment or in Native platform code. The latter is easier, as you can grab all sensor data directly. However, you have to create your own mechanisms to forward HTML events, like the selection of a POI, to the native code (AR.platform.sendJSONObject, compare native POI detail sample)

Best regards,
Andreas Fötschl

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