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Face detection plugin and Positionable plugin

Hello, my question is how can I connect two of those plugins together in JS Android Native library. Because example project has different face detection plugin implementation than in the documentation and in Android Native example. 

Do I need to merge two plugins together or something like that? 

Hello Vlad,

you only need a single plugin to do that. You will need to combine the detection code of the face detection plugin with the Positionable code of the marker tracking plugin.

I'd just take the maker tracking plugin as a guide and replace the marker tracking functionality thereof with the face tracking code. Since these tracking algorithms provide different outputs, if I remember correctly, there will be some tweaking involved, I imagine. I believe the OpenCV face tracking procedures provide you with image coordinates while the ArUco marker tracking provides you with a tracking matrix (pose).

- Daniel

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Nice, got it, thank you. And what if I want to combine face detection with a 3d model rendering for making facial 3d masks. Is that achievable with your SDK?

Yes, that's exactly what Positionables allow you to do. They are essentially glue plugin supplied tracking to Wikitude SDK rendered augmentations, augmentations meaning one of our 2D drawables or a 3D Model. Expressed differently, they enable you to position any of the augmentations our SDK provides (including 3D models) from within a plugin.

- Daniel

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awesome, thank you a lot :) have a nice day :))

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