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Poi not displayed on device


I'm working on an application and have a problem displaying pois on real devices.

My application works perfectly fine on android emulators, but it fails to display the pois on real devices. I have also tested the sample application and I have encountered the same problems, however sometimes the pois show up, but fixed on a position.

Can you help me with these problem?



What device are you testing with? Did you make sure that all the requirements for supported devices are fullfiled -




Yes, I'm using a nokia 7.1, Android 9, with compass, and all the sensors required.

Also, my app is waiting for wikitude's "isDeviceSupported" callback, and it's returning success.

I have tested another compass apps and they are working fine, however in the wikitude radar sample app, the map doesn't move at all, seems to be a problem with the compass.



It seems to be working now, it was a problem with the version of chrome and the device compass. Made an update and a device reboot and the sample app it's working fine.

Thanks a lot!

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