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Wikitude SDK iOS Native API cloud recognition

I'am trying to implement cloud recognition on iOS project, I follow this tutorial

but I can't find this method initWithRederingMode inside the SDK.
self.wikitudeSDK = [[WTWikitudeNativeSDK alloc] initWithRenderingMode:WTRenderingMode_External delegate:self];

I use the latest version of SDK (WikitudeSDK_NativeAPI_iOS_8-4-0) I tried this

self.wikitudeSDK = [[WTWikitudeNativeSDK alloc] initWithRenderingConfiguration:nil delegate:self];

But nil is not correct.

In the tutorial there are also deprecated method.

Please help me.

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Hi Alex,

thx for pointing this out. We will update the code snippets in the documentation with our next release!

Until then, please have a look at a cloud recognition implementation in our example application which is always up to date. I also attached one of the examples to this post.

Best regards,

Andreas Schacherbauer

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