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HtmlDrawable not displayed on Android


with our custom react native wikitude bridge we're not able to display html content (i.e. <h1>my text</h1>) as augmentation for image trackables. The issue appears only on android (iOS works as expected).

Image targets are recognized successfully - both functions onImageRecognized and onImageLost are called on the js side. We use the same js implementation for ios and android.

Are there any known issues with displaying html drawables on android?


Wikitude SDK (JS API): 8.3.2

Device: Samsung Galaxy S8

Development OS: MacOS

Hi Markus,

As I mentioned in this post - - is this issue also happening with the JS API sample app if you change the code of the HTMLDrawable?

Thx and greetings


Dear Nicola,

thanks for your response. When using the wikitude sample application with html drawables, everything's fine. Embedded into react-native all features except html drawables work.

I embedded the "01_ImageTracking_4_HtmlDrawable" example into our react-native application and the surfboard is displayed, the wheater widget is not. Any ideas?



Hi Markus,

Ok then this sounds like it's related to the React-Native Plugin - did you reach out already to the maintaners of the Plugin (please note that Wikitude is not the creator of the Plugin).

Thx and greetings


As i mentioned in my first post, we created our own custom react-native plugin. We did not use the plugin from bravedigital. I already read the code but there's no real magic behind the integration of wikitude into react-native. It's the same as i would use the js api with a native iOS/Android application.

Ok, do you have any other ideas on how to display svg-based models in wikitude? Live conversion to png or jpg seems a little exaggerated to me ;-)

Sorry for the confusion - when you mentioned custom react-native bridge - I assumed that you're working with the react-native plugin from bravedigital. Best would be to use .pngs and I'd recommend to try it with 1,2 to see if the outcome is fine and if this approach is working with your plugin.

Thx and greetings


No problem. ImageDrawables work perfectly with our bridge. The samples 1 and 2 are displayed correctly. But we need to display svgs and the HtmlDrawables seems to be the way to go.

Does Wikitude provide any features to render basic svg-based vector data or do you have any advice how to convert them to image data? I saw that the ImageDrawable only provides uris and we would like to pass base64 strings then.

After debugging several hours i found out that, when changing the device orientation from portrait to landscape and vice versa, the html drawable immediately appears on Android.

After the HtmlDrawable appeared, updating the html code works as expected. Are there any special update calls from Wikitude when the orientation changes?

Do you have any more information about this approach? 

I'm in the same spot and my App is only in portrait.


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