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HtmlDrawable moves on anchor


we've built a custom React-Native/Wikitude bridge to embed a Wikitude view into our current react native mobile app. Everything works as expected but we're facing a problem with the single target image recognition on iOS.

We display simple html drawables with embedded svg data on different custom image targets. The target sizes are 10x10cm. After the initial detection the html drawable is displayed correctly (screenshot 1). When getting closer to the anchor the drawable automatically moves along the z-axis (screenshot 2). When moving back, the drawable slides back to its correct position but is cropped on the bottom side (screenshot 3).

We've also observed some app crashes, when the camera is too close to the image anchor.

Test devices: iPhone 7, iPhone X, iPhone Xs

Development Environment: MacOS

Wikitude SDK (JS API): 8.3.2

Do you have any ideas how we could fix the problem?


Unfortunately the screenshots doen't seem to be attached in the post. Could you pls share them. 

Also, as we're not officially supporting and maintaining react native (we offer a thirdparty plugin. which is maintained and supported by a partner of ours), we can't give support of React Native questions directly.

Could you please let test if the issue you mention is happening within the standard iOS JS SDK sample app as well?

Thx and greetings


Dear Nicola.

thanks for your reply. Here are the screenshots again.


I wasn't able to use the wikitude-react-native bridge because i needed to embed a wikitude view instead of a whole Activity/ViewController.

I'll have a look into the sample app again.

Kind regards



Yes please also try with the SDK sample app. As the HTMLDrawable rendering is very dependent on the OS and the device specific HTML rendering it can be that the layout is is different from the device to device. This is why we recommend to use the HTMLDrawable cautiously



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