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Wikitude Studio JS Experience - Animated 3D Model problem


I have a problem with the Wikitude Studio Editor and animated 3D Models. Our app works in the way, that it downloads the JS Experience files from a S3 bucket. That works so far with images, videos, 3D models..., but there is a problem with animated 3D models.

Imported into the Wikitude 3D Encoder using a baked wt3, showing all animations and so on, it does not show the animation in the Wikitude Studio Editor or in the app. The docu mentions an activation of the model using the following code:


// instantiate the model object
var model = new AR.Model("butterfly.wt3");// instantiate the model animation with the animation id
var animation = new AR.ModelAnimation(model, "butterfly_animation");// start the animation


But the problem is, that the instructions on where in the JS experience to insert it are missing. 

Is there an easier way to do that in the Studio Editor?

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Hi Justin,

The Studio Editor doesn't support animated 3D models at the moment. If you wish to work with 3D models that contain animations, then you'd need to work with the SDK and implement the AR experience and use the above mentioned code to trigger the animation.



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