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Is it possible to display the 3D model object when setting Pols is tapped?

1. The destination, ect. is displayed with setting Pols.

2. It is technically possible to display the 3D model when the destination is tapped

I expect to use addmodelFn and snatoscreen.


SnapToScreen is only supported for AR.ImageTrackables, compare SDK Sample.

As a workaround, you may implement a 3D Model View in your native environment which loads the model and renders it outside the AR-View.

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Andreas Fötschl

Is there any other way? (Other than snapshoot)

I want to display a 3D model at the moment of pressing a button and keep it displayed on the screen on the iPhone.

At the moment, there is no other way to just render the 3D model on screen. However, you may also render the content in ThreeJS in the HTML environment - related THREE.js documentation.

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