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Reading vidéo issue with IOS devices


Good morning,


We've noticed for a while now that Wikitude App  (latest version 8.7.1) installed on Apple devices (IOS : IPhone and IPad) no longer read augmented videos from pictures.


This videos - same coding (H264) and file format (.mov) - used to work in 2018.

Now, on Iphones 6 and later equiped with Wikitude App (latest version), the picture is detected (black screen displays with blue "Play" button) but it is impossible to launch the video.


However, the process works well on Android devices (the picture is detected and the video is launched) and all models (Samsung, Huawai, OnePlus etc.)


We tried to change the coding and file format but the problem remain.


We also created two different channels for the same content :

·         one specific channel for Android leading to MP4 videos

·         another specific channel for IOS leading to MOV videos


In vain. It's still impossible to read augmented videos (MP4 or MOV) with Wikitude App from IOS devices.


This is a big issue for us, as most of our partners use IPhones and IPads.



To examine the situation thoroughly, you'll find enclosed one of the target pictures.

Here are our channels ID on Wikitude App :

·         RNGA (.mp4 videos)

·         RNGA pour IOS (.mov videos) 


If you need further information, feel free to ask. Thank you.


Looking forwards to hearing from you,


Best regards,


(15.5 MB)


Could you please also share the video file, so we can check it? Please also provide the details on the OS versions the iPhone/iPad have istalled.

Thx and greetings




Video test it's with a Iphone6S / IOS V:12.2 .  / wikitude app : 8.7.1 (but all Iphone it's same problem)

Video file inclused

Since your answer my channel are locked for all support (Android and IOS) with error "connexion error, impossible to charge one or several element".

You blocked my account ?





I just created a Studio project and added your video ( via an external url to the project. It took some time for initial loading as the video is quite big but then it played without any issues. Tested on an iPhone 6S+ with iOS12. In your experience RNGA I have the same issue as you do - nothing happens when I click the play button.

Can you please recheck your settings and if the issue perists, could you please provide me with your login details - you can send those to forum [at], so I can check your account.

With your second question - the error "connexion error, impossible to charge one or several element". - I'm not quite sure where and how you get this one. Could you please provide further details on the exact issue and how you get this.

Thx and greetings


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