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What about Hololense 2 support?

 Hello all. I am looking into using wikitude and unity to make a hololense 2 app, as the other api's I have found either don't support it, or have iffy-bussness practices. Is hololense 2 supported, or is there any plan on supporting it?

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Hi Alexander,

We're currently working on Hololens support - I don't have any detailed timeline on when we'll launch our SDK with Hololens 2 support, but we have it high on our list.

Thx and greetings


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Hi, It is been two years since the question was asked. May I know when will the wikitude SDK for Hololens 2 will be released? Please tell me the date, so that I can plan to wait for it or move to other plugins like VisionLib or Vuforia.

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