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Front camera Instant tracking upside down

I am looking to get front camera instant tracking done (not using SMART).

It seems to work when set up on the sample scene.

But it is upside down.

Ideas on how I could fix this?

Hi Gary,

I could reproduce this problem. 

Which SDK are you using? If you're using the native SDK you should be able to correct this behaviour in your app by applying some additional transformations. If you using the JavaScript SDK, however, it's something that requires internal fixing.

May I ask what your particular use case is? Instant tracking on the front cam seems quite peculiar to me.

- Daniel

Thanks Daniel,

Using the Unity SDK. I purchased a Mira AR headset (Which seems to be no longer supported). This headset uses the front camera and reflects it back to create an AR image.

I am trying to add positional tracking to it combining it with instant tracking. Been working on it this morning and getting Scene Lost quite a bit

I see. That makes sense.

Running the Wikitude SDK on the Mira headset requires a special build which we do not provide directly. You need to source that from Mira.

- Daniel

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