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wikitude app and trial licence


can i use wikitude app to make public my project created from wikitude studio with a license type trial.

thank you in advance


Hi Emmanuel,

If you wish to publish your Studio Editor project within the Wikitude app, then you'd need to have the 'Publish to Wikitude' Add-on. This is a monthly subscription.

Thx and greetings


Hi Nicola,

does this work with a trial license?

thank you for your reply

how to use the add on ?

If you only publish your Studio Experience to the Wikitude app, that is available in the app stores and not in you're not integrating the SDK in your own app, then you don't need an SDK license. The SDK license is only needed if you wish integrate AR into your own application. 

You can use the Studio Editor for both cases - when publishing to the Wikitude App via Add-on (the Add-on simply activates the publish feature within the Editor.)



I created the experiment via wikitude studio and made the project accessible on Cloud Recognition (trial) what is the procedure to make the project visible on wikitude app. I use the add on and if so how? is it accessible via wikitude studio or on smartphone?



Within the Studio Editor under the Project Tab, click the Publish in Wikitude app and enter the details. Once this is done, you can open the Wikitude app and search for your project in the Wikitude app.

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Thx for your reply



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