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Wikitude Encoder issue

Sometimes when I upload an FBX into Wikitude Encoder it splits my animations into 2 separate animations. But when someone else uploads the same FBX they receive only 1 animation(the full animation). Also when I send the WT3 to someone, they also only receive 1 animation and I am not sure why. 

I updated my Wikitude Encoder and also double checked my Maya model to troubleshoot the problem but I still can't find a fix.

Any suggestions?

Hi Jon,

the only way I can see that happening is if you and whoever you sent your FBX file to are using different version of the encoder. Could you please verify that you are using the same version? Did you download the latest version of the encoder from our download page?

- Daniel

I recently checked and we have the same version of wikitude encoder which is " 1.7 (521) 2016-09-21" and also the latest version.

Good morning Jon,

which platform are you and the people you are sending your FBX files to using? Mac or Windows?

- Daniel

The platform we are using is Windows

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