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AR not fullscreen on iPhone X (Angular7.+)

I hope you have already tested it on the iphonex. I initially think this is the reason for ios. What is the solution and how to modify it?

The project is HTML 5, based on angular 7+

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Thank you "triple b" for creating this topic.

This is indeed a growing problem for us, as more and more of our users now have an iPhone X with a beautiful notch.

We tried to add "viewport-fit=cover" in the viewport tag but it does not work, as the webview created by wikitude for AR does not seem to be set to cover the full screen ?

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Apparently this problem is already reported by many developers, for more than a year now :

Hi, this should only be an Wikitude Cordova Example app issue. We had a look at this once and only changing some Cordova app settings (including launch images) solved it. We never pushed this changes though and I will forward it internally that we do so.

Best regards,

Andreas Schacherbauer

Hi Andreas,

Thanks for your answer. I have the impression that a lot of developers (see my links) would be interested by a solution. What settings did you change exactly ?

Thank you,


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I have the same situation here, HTML and CSS code seems to be unable to solve the problem......

How to set up Cordova application and download a plug-in? Or which Cordova file to set?

Hi Andreas,

Do you have any news about the magical settings that would allow us to present a better AR experience on iPhone X / XR / XS ?



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Hi Wikitude,

Any news on this topic ? IHMO this should be considered seriously as : 

- almost 25% of our iOS users now have either an iPhone X / XR / XS.   

- when we are doing demos, our potential customers want to try our app on their phone, and more and more often it is with a recent iPhone :-/

- our app looks quite silly and amateur with these two parts of the screen where we can still see the camera feed.

Hope you can have a look at this growing problem soon,

Have a good day,


We're also running into issues on the iPhone X that seem to be related to the notch when recreating the 'multiple POIs' sample.  The 'hitbox' for selecting the POI in the AR view is pushed downwards by ~notch amount to below the actual markers.  The same code running on devices without a notch allows selection to occur as expected.  How can we recreate your solution for 'hiding' the notch as done in the Cordova sample repository?  Thanks!

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I am interested by the solution too. It's a big deal for us.

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