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AR not fullscreen on iPhone X (Angular7.+)

I hope you have already tested it on the iphonex. I initially think this is the reason for ios. What is the solution and how to modify it?

The project is HTML 5, based on angular 7+

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Thank you "triple b" for creating this topic.

This is indeed a growing problem for us, as more and more of our users now have an iPhone X with a beautiful notch.

We tried to add "viewport-fit=cover" in the viewport tag but it does not work, as the webview created by wikitude for AR does not seem to be set to cover the full screen ?

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Apparently this problem is already reported by many developers, for more than a year now :

Hi, this should only be an Wikitude Cordova Example app issue. We had a look at this once and only changing some Cordova app settings (including launch images) solved it. We never pushed this changes though and I will forward it internally that we do so.

Best regards,

Andreas Schacherbauer

Hi Andreas,

Thanks for your answer. I have the impression that a lot of developers (see my links) would be interested by a solution. What settings did you change exactly ?

Thank you,


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I have the same situation here, HTML and CSS code seems to be unable to solve the problem......

How to set up Cordova application and download a plug-in? Or which Cordova file to set?

Hi Andreas,

Do you have any news about the magical settings that would allow us to present a better AR experience on iPhone X / XR / XS ?



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Hi Wikitude,

Any news on this topic ? IHMO this should be considered seriously as : 

- almost 25% of our iOS users now have either an iPhone X / XR / XS.   

- when we are doing demos, our potential customers want to try our app on their phone, and more and more often it is with a recent iPhone :-/

- our app looks quite silly and amateur with these two parts of the screen where we can still see the camera feed.

Hope you can have a look at this growing problem soon,

Have a good day,


We're also running into issues on the iPhone X that seem to be related to the notch when recreating the 'multiple POIs' sample.  The 'hitbox' for selecting the POI in the AR view is pushed downwards by ~notch amount to below the actual markers.  The same code running on devices without a notch allows selection to occur as expected.  How can we recreate your solution for 'hiding' the notch as done in the Cordova sample repository?  Thanks!

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I am interested by the solution too. It's a big deal for us.

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@WIkitude : are you looking at this problem ? why not keeping us informed about how you plan to fix it ? IMHO a quick fix would be to limit the AR webview to the "safe area" of iPhone X ?

This is a quick fix to limit the AR View to the "safe area" of iPhone X. So you don't see the camera feed on top and on the bottom of the screen anymore, but just black instead.

I am not an objective-c developer so I have no idea if this code is safe to use. 

If you prefer to have the webview covering the full screen, instead of limiting the AR View, see the fix by "n n" in this thread :

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