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Error with AR.ImageTracker

Hi there. I'm seeing an error appear after setting up and starting an ImageTracker:

Uncaught TypeError: is not a function

    at <anonymous>:1:47

This occurs after all the targets and augmentations have been set, and the tracker has been enabled. It doesn't cause an issue on the first target to be recognised which works as expected.However on trying to recognise a second target, either the image isn't recognised, or the app crashes.

Just updated to 8.4, and this is on Android under Xamarin.



I should add, I'm using the architect.js script here: <script src=""></script> as the page is being hosted on a server rather than internal to the app.

Update : Found some other code issues that were actually causing failure to recognise second targets, so this error is not the cause of that.

Still seeing it appear in the console though.

Hi Simon,

Can you please send us an Architect World that we can use to reproduce the issue?!

Best regards,

Andreas Schacherbauer

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