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Dynamic Real World Objects In Front of 3D Model At Relative Location

When I load 3D Models using RelativeLocation, the model always shows in front of objects in the real world. This is the case even when I have the object set to a relative location that is upwards of 80 meters away.

For example, when I load a 3D model at a Relative Location 80 meters away. The model shows up, but when I pass my hand in front of the camera the model shows as if it is in front of my hand even though it should technically be 80 meters away.

Does Wikitude take into account real world objects (such as my hand in this instance) that should technically be in front of the object? Is there a way to set it up so that real world objects closer than the object will show up in front of it?

I have seen the Occluder, but does this take into account objects that are dynamic in that they are not constant (i.e. a car passing through the view)?

Is what I am looking for possible?

TLDR; How, if it is possible, do I get the model to show behind dynamic real world objects such as a passing car or a human walking through the scene in front of it based on RelativeLocation?

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Hi Eric,

that is the expected behaviour. For occlusion to work in the way you were expecting, the Wikitude SDK would have to have a dynamically updated internal mesh of the entire world around you. This we do not have at this point.

The only thing we do currently offer is, as you have found, the manual occluders. These you have to supply yourself (as WT3 files) and place exactly as you would a 3D model to coincide with a real world object that you want to occlude your augmentations.

- Daniel

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