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Product features check

Hi Wikitude team.

We are doing a startup called 360Stories -

If you have a VR device, you can download the apps from stores.

We are building a VR/AR app that would show a story over the reality by mobile AR app that is placed inside VR.

Here is one example - The blue icon that you can see on WebVR page here we placed on Eiffel Tower, we would love to see over the real Eifel Tower in AR.

Here is a demo with Vuforia -

And here is the data we want to get from Wikitude to be able to do it -

We might also integrate with SuperAnnotate to make the recognition job -

In reality, we are focused on content, and not interested to make the tech.


Could you please explain in more detail your use case - the eiffel tower sample (displaying an icon over a sight) seems to be a different one that the attached image, where you want to recognize object categories.

Please provide further details.

Thx and greetings


Hi Nicola.

Good point. 

No, we just need to show the icon. The photo attached is indeed a different story. 

So do you think we can do that?



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