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How to stop running onPoiDetailMoreButtonClickedFn() when the distancetouser is bigger than e.g 30m?

Hi there 

I am developing a Location-Based AR application and using the SDK examples "BrowsingPois_NativeDetailScreen" and the thing that I want is that when the distance to the user is bigger than 30 m and when I press more button it should not go to the detail screen and instead of this I want to show alert to the user that for example "You should be within 30 meters of the point". Is there any solution for this kind of problem?



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In the POI samples you can find the reference on how to calculate the distance to the user (e.g. look for distanceToUserValue) - this gives you the distance and you can then define the behaviour accordingly and only show the detail screen if the POI is further away.

Thx and greetings


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