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Wikitude doesnt work in Unity

 I should like to make a Tutorial for AR with Wikitude(trial License).

But nothing works.

There are no previews, no Models if i scan the Picture in Playmode:



And if i build the App for Android, there is only a blackscreen with the Trial Logo.

WHAT goes wrong?

*Unity 2018.3.12f1 (64-bit)


 i try this at Home(all is fine), the previous was in school, but now Unity Crashes if press Play after 1-2 seconds. The Gameviewer diplays short a picture from the webcam, and then its over.

The same with the includet Samplescenes.

 I dont know what happens

Im verry confused. The Scene i maked at home works fine in School(no errors, no crashes).

Now i make a new Scene(in School, the same scene from home). All looks fine, but if i press play, Unity change automaticly the Target Collection to dsf. Why i have continual any problems?

i Dont have this with Vuforia...


I'm sorry you are experience issues with our SDK. You can ignore the last issue, as it is just a visual glitch. The correct target collection will still be used, even if it displays while in Play mode.

Best regards,


Oh man, It does what it wants.
The last test works. Now i want a newProjekt, and nothing works(no errors). I make a Wiki Cam and Imagetracker, but if i press play, the Objekt dont display. 
Slowly it annoys!!!


Here you can see what i mean:


not working:

 Sometime it comes a Errormessage after stop Play:

Could not destroy ImageTracker because it doesn't exist!


Please change the platform to either iOS, Android or UWP. Otherwise the licensing check fails. You can get more information about why something is failing by adding a callback to the error events, either from the WikitudeCamera, or from the ImageTracker.

Best regards,


 That doesn't get me anything at all. The test function then no longer goes (play) and I also get only one black screen (usually with logo) on the mobile phone.

It cannot be that it is felt and then again it does not!!!!!


In second the video, the WikitudeCamera License Key field is left as default. This license key only works with the bundle identifier com.wikitude.unityexample and only on iOS, Android or UWP platforms. If you have a trial license or a different bundle identifier, please set them correctly in your project.

Please see the documentation for license key handling for more information:

Best regards,


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