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Studio upload always queued.

Hello, I am trying to use wikitude sdk and I think it's great.

But I have something confused now.

1. Can I use 3D model (.fbx) pictures to build a recognition database, and use it to real objects?

2. If the real object is large, and what kind standard pictures should used to create recognition database?

3. Today I upload some pictures to create object target, but always display "Queued". Is it my problem?


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But the object target cloud points always looks incorrect .

And the above doubts?

Thanks again.


regarding the queued object target creations. The automatic scaling failed and due to high demand the jobs queued up.

The issue was resolved and processing of queued jobs is dealt with.




regarding the queued object target creations it seems we are experiencing an issue with the service processing the images into an object target.

We are investigating the issue and will notify you once it is resolved.



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Same problem here, and it's a major bummer for me because i'm in the middle of science contest and I need to use wikitude...

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