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How to record the AR scene in Wikitude?

Hi all,

Is there a way to record an AR scene in Wikitude?

I am trying to record an MP4 video of what the Wikitude Camera sees, using a Unity plugin called NatCorder. However, the output video only contains the AR objects and does not contain the camera background. I've attached a video here illustrating what I mean.

The plugin works perfectly with ARCore; I am able create MP4 videos that contain both the AR objects and the camera background. I'm unsure why it works differently in Wikitude when the Camera components in both seem to be similar. Can anyone give me any pointers?




I figured out how to record the AR scene! 

The way NatCorder works is that you pass in RenderTextures which act as frames for the video. What I did was that I rendered the current camera background onto the RenderTexture (using WikitudeCamera.CameraTexture) and then I rendered the objects that the Wikitude Camera sees on top of that. I then passed this RenderTexture to NatCorder to use as a frame for the video. I do this for every RenderTexture I receive.

 How did you render the objects on top of the Render Texture? Could you please share the full recording code? Hopelessly stuck for the past 2 days

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