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Unable to download any of the SDK

This is odd, I am not quite sure why my clicks are not registering for the downloads.

I am trying Firefox, Chrome, and Internet Explorer, but none of them are downloading the SDK.

I click "Wikitude SDK for Android" and nothing happens, and all the other download buttons do not seem to work either.

Am I supposed to be login before downloading the SDK? I had downloaded it once in the past, but was long time ago.

The download links in this topic work great

but the do not work

If I am required to purchase a license before downloading SDK, I might expect huge bold letters, "please purchase license to be able to download SDK", but I am clicking the download button and no download appears with any browser

Hi Raiden,

Thx for reaching out. We had an issue but everything should work as expected again. Please check and let us know if the issue remains.

We're sorry for any inconveniences.



Yay! The link works again!

Thank you for your help!

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