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Custom Image Rendering in SingleImageTrackingSystem

Hello team, I want to render custom image in SingleImageTrackingSystem, so I am not able to find the exact class or function from where I can render my custom image. Can you please let me know how to implement this using wikitude.

Thanks In advance.


Are you referring to rendering an image augmenation? If so (and if you work with the JS API) then please check the ImageDrawable reference and also check the sample app for implementation references.

Thx and greetings


I am working with Android Native API.

Hello team, as I am working with wikitude android native API I am not able to explore from the solution which you guys had provided. Can you please explain me how to render custom image.


As the rendering of the augementations needed in the Native API is not done by Wikitude, but is dependant on the rendering engine you use, we're not offering any specific samples, code, or details for specific augmentations.

If you wish to have the Wikitude SDK take care of the rendering and you don't wish to use a specific rendering engine, we recommend to go with either the JS API, Cordova / Xamarin Extension or the Unity Plugin.



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