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PRO License not working with Android App Template (Wikitude Studio's Offline Project)

Hello everyone,

I'm having some trouble setting up the template with my owned SDK PRO license.

When I use a Trial License in WikitudeSDKConstants.WIKITUDE_SDK_KEY, the app builds fine and runs with the watermark as usual. But when I replace it with my PRO license, the app flags "Invalid License Key".

I've already changed the applicationId in the AndroidManifest.xml and in other places to match my id. This id registers fine in the phone folders already.

I'm aware I may have to do a Refactor on the default package com.wikitude.wikitudestudioandroidapptemplate to my on all classes, but I'm honestly struggling to understand how it works afterwards.. Some classes lose link and I use  import  to recover it, but the results are the same.

I also tried to re-locate the assets to the exact id hierarchy (com>app>ABC>RA), but some error occurs and the build doesn't work this way.

I recon I have very little experience on Android Studio and package refactoring, and I just think my problem is very simple to solve, as it should be straight-forward to adjust a template to work with our licenses.

I'd just like to have my key applied so I can move on to content creation. Never thought I'd struggle like that.

Can anybody give me a hand of help, please? I'd be very grateful!

(ps: Maybe the solution at may shed some light and be my answer too, but I'm not being able to follow that through by myself..)

Thanks very much to everyone, and nice developing x)



The license key is bound to the Android package name - you can find details on where to set this here:

If you wish to change the package structure of the project, as this is nothing SDK specific you'd need to check with Android tutorials and forums (e.g.

Should you need anything further, just let me know anytime.



Hi Nicola,

I've already followed the steps to change my package name (as I named application ID, maybe incorrectly). And I even can certify my package name is the same as my License's as I look it up in my build specs.

Although, nothing seems to change. I don't need to change the structure of my project, I've tried it just after reading that might be necessary, in the link I've attached in the previous post.

I've also already changed the java files' packages to my new one, and re-linked missing classes. Nothing changes.

Do you think there may be something wrong with the license itself? The invoice number is INV-5076.

Thank you very much for your attention! I hope we can figure it out soon.



Hi Adriano,

Thx for your feedback. I just checked the invoice and if you work with the current SDK version within the Studio Offline project, then your license is not valid anymore. You purchased the license in Feb. 2018 and it's a one time fee license and does not include SDK updates, so the key is only valid for the SDK that was published at that time - should be 7.2.1.

If you wish to work with the latest SDK, then you'd need to purchase a new license. You can reach out to our sales team via sales [at] if you wish to upgrade.



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