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Extended Tracking and SMART

I'm trying object recognition with extended tracking enabled on version 8.3 of the wikitude javascript sdk.

If I enable the SMART features before launching the application will the performance of the extended tracking improve?

My aim is to have the same experience of the instant tracking sample app that uses AR core, but I need to place the augmentation on a box after recognizing it with the object recognition.

Hi Francesco,

enabling SMART will have no effect on extended Image/object tracking right now. 

There was however an issue with extended object tracking in release 8.3 that caused it to not work properly. This issue is fixed with the upcoming release so you should experience better performance even without SMART.

Best Regards,


Thank you Alex. Can you tell me approximately when the new release is coming out?

Hi Francesco,

the new version is available on our download page. 

Best Regards,



We wanted to check in if the issue is still existing with SDK 8.5.

Thx and greetings


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